Lionel Messi birthday celebration in Brahmanbaria

A discussion meeting to celebrate Messi’s birthday was held in Brahmanbaria on Friday (June 24 Lionel Messi birthday celebration in Brahmanbaria ) at noon at the A Malek Convention Center in the city at the initiative of a pro-Argentine group in Brahmanbaria district. Former goalkeeper of Bangladesh national football team Masum Khan was present as the chief guest. Lionel Messi is a unique name in the world of football. The whole world is fascinated by his football style. From his home country Argentina to Brazil, Messi’s passion is also among his eternal rivals. The 35th birthday of this Argentine football magician has been celebrated in Brahmanbaria.

Lionel Messi birthday celebration Brahmanbaria

Lionel Messi's birthday celebration in Brahmanbaria

This time Messi, the football magician, celebrated his 35th birthday in Brahmanbaria. It was Messi’s 35th birthday and he passed 35 years of his life.

Lionel Messi's birthday celebration

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Prominent businessman Abdul Malek was the special guest. The speakers highlighted various aspects of Messi’s colorful life. Messi’s birthday was celebrated after cutting the cake. At this time, the celebration of Messi’s birthday in Brahmanbaria was celebrated by the sound of happy birthday of Messi’s supporters at the convention center. Funds were later raised to help the flood victims. Messi has had many personal achievements in his career, from league titles to the Copa. There is still a taste of life in this football talent. And that is the Messi World Cup trophy.

Millions of fans have been mesmerized by the magic of Lionel Messi’s left foot. (Lionel Messi birthday celebration) Has established itself as one of the best of all time. The Argentine footballer has achieved success in all fields in world football. Although calm by nature, the ball spreads excitement in the gallery at its rapid pace.

Messi was born on June 24, 1986, in the village of Rosario, Argentina. Even if you suffer from hormonal problems in childhood, there may be some obstacles in the development of talent that the creator may not have wanted. The Barcelona club authorities signed him and took him to Spain. The rest is history. Messi has crossed the boundaries of Barcelona and occupied the throne of the best in world football.

Argentina won La Finalisima after beating Euro champions Italy earlier this month. Messi smiles at the end of the match to determine the superiority between Copa-winning Argentina and Euro-winning Italy.

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