Padma bridge in the pond – পটুয়াখালীর পুকু‌রে পদ্মা সেতু

Patuakhali Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Kamal Hossain said the event was organized to make the inauguration of the Padma Bridge memorable to the people of the district. (Padma bridge in the pond)  This time the bridge is being built on the pond in the style of Padma bridge. The bridge made of bamboo and wood can be seen in the pond in front of the circuit house in Patuakhali city.

It is learned that the bridge was built on the initiative of the district administration on Saturday. Crowds flock to see the bridge to see local B-class news. The selfie is obstructing the bridge, and the camera is capturing the whole bridge.

Bridge like Padma in the pond – পটুয়াখালীর পুকু‌রে পদ্মা সেতু


Padma bridge in the pond

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According to the district administration office, a colorful procession has been organized on the bridge on Saturday morning to mark the inauguration of the Padma bridge. The people involved in the bridge are expecting that many people will take part in this joint event of the district administration and the municipality.

Govinda Ghoshal, who is in charge of the construction of the bridge, said 24 people are working day and night for the construction of the bridge. After completing the permanent work, it has been handed over to the Deputy Commissioner. This is where the light comes from.

He added that the 19-span bridge of bamboo and wood is about 400 feet. Sample rail bridges have been built over the feet of passengers from the water. 20 lampposts have been installed in the above two passes. The bridge has been illuminated in different colors to illuminate and visualize it.

Govinda, the builder of the bridge, said 485 bamboos, 500 feet of wood and 150 trees were used in the construction. Padma bridge in Patuakhali’s pond is viral on social media Facebook.

Mitharpukur Arrow Development Mazharul Islam, who came to see the bridge, said he could not go to the banks of the Padma due to lack of time and ability. The wooden bridge, its pillars and some parts of the railway line are in Moin, he said.

Padma bridge in the pond