Voter list updated News – সারাদেশ ব্যাপী ভোটার তালিকা হালনাগাদ কর্মসূচি ২০২২ চলছে

Voter list update activities are underway across the country. (Voter list updated News) The second phase of data collection is currently underway. This time the update is being completed in 4 steps. Data collectors are going door to door to collect information on new voters. For those who did not vote on or before 01 January 2008, their information is being collected in an update. Information is also being collected to remove the names of dead voters from the voter list.

The Election Commission (Voter list updated News) is going to start the second phase of updating the voter list across the country. Earlier, in the first phase, the EC went door to door and collected information from the citizens.

ভোটার তালিকা হালনাগাদ কর্মসূচি-২০২২ উপলক্ষে নিবন্ধন কার্য পরিচালনা সময়সুচী

Voter list updated News

সারাদেশ ব্যাপী ভোটার তালিকা হালনাগাদ কর্মসূচি ২০২২ চলছে

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২য় ধাপে ১৪০ উপজেলা/থানার তথ্য সংগ্রহ ও নিবন্ধন কার্যক্রম পরিচালনা সময়সূচি

EC electronic means, in the second step, 140 upazilas and upazilas will have to collect information from house to house. These data collection activities will continue till next October.

(Voter list updated News)

EC Assistant Md. Mosharraf Hossain said that in this step, information has to be collected from house to house in the political area. The areas are- Uttara, Motijheel and Ramna. This activity is from 13th June to 3rd September on the 3rd of this week.

The EC word that voter updates can also be applied online for new voter sets.

Earlier, the EC started a door-to-door campaign. In the first phase, 140 upazilas were taken over. The program will be completed in four stages till 2022.

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Voter list updated News

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The final information is being taken in three discussions like election. Recognized 2006 1 person was born or their data is being collected earlier. Absolutely in me, then 18 years will be full they will automatically be voters.

The update rate of the station is 7.5 percent. The organization conducts these activities with the aim of enrolling 98,526 people on 64 different dates.

(Voter list updated News)

Conduct publishing activities with photographs in the financial year 2006-07. At that time the database was compiled nine crore times.

According to the latest information provided by the EC, there are currently 11 crore 32 lakh 8 thousand 10 voters. Of these, 6 crore are male voters and 5 crore 59 lakh 96 thousand are female voters. There are also 454 publishers of the third gender.

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